Sunday, December 20, 2009


Olli is probably the person I miss the most. Although he left Cork about three years ago, not one day passes by that I dont think about how my life was with him. If I refuse to erase him from my mind, it is probably due to the "quite special vision" I have about love. For me, LOVE in its purest state, only happens once. The next attempts are only aims for not remaining alone for the rest of your life. Is it so hard to understand that some people's destiny is to remain single? Why some people deny this reality and they just connect one relationship to another for the sake of having some company at the end of the day?.

In a relationship as in everything, the society dictates some steps we should follow in order "to succeed": First the flirting, then the dating, then the moving together, the engagement, the house, the let´s going to get married, the kids, the pets... But there is a question which keeps on wondering inside my head: Is there any passion remaining after this sort of mechanical relationship?.

Not long ago, I was having this exact same conversation with someone and he swore to me, that his parents were the perfect example. I did believe him because when I started thinking about mine, I realised that what they had was REAL LOVE. The only explanation I found for this is that probably people 30 years ago had other moral and personal values. Money wasn´t so important for them and the love they felt for each other was the only thing that kept them going on. They make theirs the "love is the force that shakes the world" motto.

It is a pity knowing that love has become a business for many people nowadays...

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