Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy Birthday, Daddy, wherever you are...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


While we were on the plane in our way to Rome, we experienced about 30 minutes of really strong turbulences. There were people puking and crying all over the plane and in the meantime, I found myself wondering: Am I afraid of death?. Few years ago, if somebody had asked me that question, I would have answered with a "I'm not afraid of my own death but of those who surround me". Nowadays, and due to my lack of faith, I find myself really defenceless in some concrete circumstances.

Amongst the most difficult situations I've been going through in these last years, probably my father's death has been the one that has affected me the most. The loss of the head of my family left me with such a huge emptiness that it is still difficult to explain it 2 years and a half after. Not one day passes by that I don't think about how different my life would be if he was still between us.

He was one of the most intelligent person I have ever met. Always reading, listening to music, designing those crazy graphics for hours in the AutoCAD or watching all kind of different sports in TV. He had strong beliefs towards politics and religion but he was tactful enough to not share those with anyone. As a good Capricorn he was very stubborn but he was loyal as the most.

Luckily, I still remember perfectly well his facial features, his tone of voice when talking to me, his smell, the touch of his hands... I refuse to think that everything will vanish someday from my head. Maybe that is the reason why I denied seeing him during his last hours alive. I didn't want to keep on my mind 2 fateful days out of the 25 wonderful years I spent with him by my side. I seriously still don't understand how my mum and my sister could have been so masochistic to go into that room full of doctors and nurses and see my poor dad lying in bed unconscious.

Nowadays, I have his three initials tattooed in my right wrist looking at me. They remind me who I am and where I come from.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Still recovering from my short Christmas break in Rome. I will come back shortly but in the meantime I leave you with my favourite spot in Rome: La Fontana di Trevi.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Off to Rome today for the Christmas break. Partying tonight as soon as we got there and visiting and shopping for the next 3 days. That means I wont be posting because I decided not to take my laptop with me in the very last minute.

Happy Christmas to everyone. Puss, Puss.


Anita Ekberg in La Fontana di Trevi while filming Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Marc Jacobs by Terry Richardson.


Don't cry for a guy,
let a guy cry for you.
Cause girls give and forgive,but guys get and forget.

Monday, December 21, 2009


"Fashion passes, style remains" Coco Chanel.

Rachel Bilson wearing the Chanel Jumbo Handbag in Red.


Since I was 16, I became obsessed with his whole work. The details, the colours and the light he uses in his paintings, make those authentic masterpieces.

My mind is too simple to understand abstract paintings thats why classics are my faves. Guess I´m the kind of person who likes to know the purpose or meaning of an author after looking at his work.


  • Waking up in an unknown bed in another country close to the person you love and feel ALIVE.
  • Opening my old window in Washington Street and look at the people passing by while covered with a blanket.
  • The long walks with my dad by my side when everything you could hear was silence.
  • The long Summers in Laredo.
  • The days in the Catholic school when I have "something to believe in" which gave sense to my whole existence.
  • Smoking in my dad's company after a hard day.
  • And the most important: missing my family as a bunch of FOUR people.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Olli is probably the person I miss the most. Although he left Cork about three years ago, not one day passes by that I dont think about how my life was with him. If I refuse to erase him from my mind, it is probably due to the "quite special vision" I have about love. For me, LOVE in its purest state, only happens once. The next attempts are only aims for not remaining alone for the rest of your life. Is it so hard to understand that some people's destiny is to remain single? Why some people deny this reality and they just connect one relationship to another for the sake of having some company at the end of the day?.

In a relationship as in everything, the society dictates some steps we should follow in order "to succeed": First the flirting, then the dating, then the moving together, the engagement, the house, the let´s going to get married, the kids, the pets... But there is a question which keeps on wondering inside my head: Is there any passion remaining after this sort of mechanical relationship?.

Not long ago, I was having this exact same conversation with someone and he swore to me, that his parents were the perfect example. I did believe him because when I started thinking about mine, I realised that what they had was REAL LOVE. The only explanation I found for this is that probably people 30 years ago had other moral and personal values. Money wasn´t so important for them and the love they felt for each other was the only thing that kept them going on. They make theirs the "love is the force that shakes the world" motto.

It is a pity knowing that love has become a business for many people nowadays...


I didnt have a christmas tree at home since I was ten. Guess living with Nordic people helps to be in high spirits during this time of the year. To tell you the truth, it brought me nice memories.


Everybody has an special place where they can be themselves and forget about their issues for a while. Let me introduce you mine. A magic world where every dream comes true :-)
Cant wait for May 2010 to come to go again to Florida!.


Some good tracks to keep the afternoon running :-)

Hope you like it. Puss, puss.



Lo mas lógico, siendo éste mi primer post, seria presentarme. Bueno, siempre me he considerado una persona discreta así que de momento me identificaré como NSP. Nací en Bilbao hace 27 años pero vivo desde los 22 en la verde Irlanda. Mi armario es una muestra palpable de la que es mi otra gran pasión que no es otra que viajar.

Mis Diez Mandamientos –o mis diez objetos mas preciados-:

1)Bolso vintage de Gucci. Mi ama se lo compro hace aproximadamente unos 25 años pero he de confesar que ha permanecido en mi armario durante los últimos 15. Lo que hace de este pequeño una gran joya es su simplicidad en formas, minimalismo y comodidad o lo que es sinónimo de bolso perfecto para salir de noche.

2)Reloj de pulsera masculino. Según mi opinión, la mejor opción es optar por un modelo que combine acero y oro puesto que de esta forma, podrás intercambiar tus accesorios según tu outfit y tu estado de animo. Mi preferido es el que herede de mi aita, un Seiko muy especial conmemorativo de la marca por las olimpiadas de 1992. Esfera blanca con taquímetro y cronógrafo incorporado y con claro predominio de acero.

3)Bolso de Marc Jacobs. Lo que hace este bolso tan especial fue adquirirlo en los míticos almacenes neoyorquinos Saks Fifth Avenue. El resto es historia.

4)LBD. Todo un must en el armario de cualquier mujer. El mio fue mi auto-regalo de navidades del 2008. Cortito, sesentero y de media manga. Fue un amor a primera vista aunque el precio no lo fue tanto por eso tuve que esperar a una “ocasión especial” para gastarme todo ese dineral.

5)Pulsera de CC Skye. Compañera inseparable de mi reloj masculino de acero y oro. La compre hace ya un par de años en la página web de Estoy pensando seriamente en hacerme con otra en distinto color.

6)El Ipod. The Cure, Kent, Elliott Smith, The Editors, Death Cab for Cutie, Belle and Sebastian, The Strokes… Y así una infinidad de grupos se alinean en el que es mi gran amigo de batalla. Por ello, lleva una inscripción en su parte trasera que dice “I wouldnt wish any companion in the world but you”.

7)Las GHD. El peor de los vicios que una mujer puede tener es alisarse el pelo. Después de años sometiendo diariamente a mi pelo a tal tortura, decidí hace un par de años que me convenía invertir en unas buenas. El mejor consejo que os puedo dar: ahorrar el dinero de las GHD e invertirlo en el nuevo alisado con keratina.

8)Jeans de Diesel. En lo que respecta a jeans lo tengo claro, mas vale uno bueno que diez malos. Desde hace 4 años soy fiel a Diesel. Lo he intentado con Seven for all Mankind, Rock and Republik, K-tsubi, Sass and Bide y un largo etcetera pero no hay forma. My cuerpo es totalmente adicto a la talla 28 y largo 32. Entre mis modelos preferidos estan el Ronhar y el Kycut. Mi última adquisición fue este pasado mes de septiembre en los Outlets de Aurora, Chicago. El modelo elegido para esta temporada? El Cherock.

9)Black Tshirts. “Off the Deep End” de Marc by Marc Jacobs es la mas especial. La compre en Bloomingdale´s hace un año. La largura tanto de las mangas como de la camiseta en si misma es perfecta y el algodón es de una calidad increíble. Buen trabajo Mark :-)!
Una opción más económica son las camisetas básicas de Target -aun recuerdo el chollazo que encontré en Orlando de 2 camisetas por 50 peniques- o las de Forever 21.

10)Dior skincare. Me considero totalmente adicta a los productos faciales de Christian Dior de la gama HydrAction.