Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last Monday I went to the Tattoo Studio to make the final refill of the tattoo. It is unbelievable how stronger I feel since then. As a good friend told me, it is a reminder of my Guardian Angel. Somebody for whom I should be strong and keep on going without looking back in time.

Lately, I also find myself worrying about the fact of getting older. I have never paid any special attention to my body but couple of months ago, I started noticing that the dresses were way too tight. Unconsciously, I blamed the washing machine but when I met my mum last March she told me the reality about the issue in a very subtle way: "Baby, your hips are slightly wider nowadays. You are developing a real woman's body!". I became so obsessed with it, that I bought my first spandex the other day. I must say that they are the unsexier thing I have ever seen. But who cares? My body looks fucking great on them and my self-esteem is back on track once Im wearing those.

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