Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today I started having flashbacks about what happened back 3 years ago. I still remember that fateful weekend when everything started. I remember being in Fionnbarra having a drink with you and how a couple of Polish workers started asking how could you be so static with such a beautiful girl by your side. On one hand I felt flattered but on the other, I realised that even the people who didnt knew us could see what was going on there. On Saturday morning when we woke up and after talking for few hours, we made love and you told me that it was over. I saw that coming for a while but I refused to admit to myself that you didn't like me as much as I did. The triangle you created was too much and by that time, it was out of control.

Exactly one week after that happened, I went to work and I started feeling that something was going wrong. I had been having an extremely weird feeling during the whole week and calling home and mum not answering me, didn't make things any better. I booked a flight straightaway and I found myself alone in one of the best hotels in Barcelona because I didn't make it on time for the second flight.

Next day I was already by his side but he couldn't hear me or talk to me cause he was already in a deep coma. I refused to see him anymore and spent the next days waiting for what was his end. After couple of days when the doctors told us it was a matter of hours, my only question was if he had suffered. They told me that he didn't and this fact still relieves me nowadays. Love you daddy. You will never be aware how much I miss and need you nowadays.

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  1. Sad. Beautiful. Amazing how your flashback easli becoming into mine.

    love your shopping!