Friday, November 19, 2010


I have been feeling dizzy for almost a month now . Taking so many antibiotics due to this annoying tonsillitis is not helping me in any way. Probably, that's the reason why, I decided to surrender myself to an Italian. I didn't ask him for that much back: honesty will be the "key word" this time, mainly because I refuse to be somebody´s second dish or option. In fact, I was never good as a guest star :)!.

It scares me to death to be in this position. I don't want to feel vulnerable again. And it is not that I have huge feelings towards his persona yet, but I found myself thinking about it too way too much lately. But for the first time, I decide to relax myself and simply go with the flow.

Nobody knew, when I first came, where this whole experience would take me and I'm definitely not going to surrender myself at this stage.

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