Friday, January 22, 2010


Since a very early age, I developed a huge interest towards Fashion and specially towards Fashion Photography. I still remember being barely 10 and spending the whole Sunday afternoon cutting pieces from my favourite magazines. Almost eighteen years passed by, and I still have the same habit. I keep them altogether in a folder and I go through every piece at least once a month. Nowadays, I still own a huge drawer back in my mum's place full of those. Every year when I go there for a visit, I take a couple of hours out of my "busy schedule" in order to open it and take a quick look at my treasures. They inspire me and they remind me the person I am.

Richard Avedon's famous portraits, the always pornographic Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts AKA the sculptor, Peter Lindbergh's absence of colours, the intimate Bruce Weber, the sexy Mario Testino, the eccentric Ellen Von Unwerth, the sexual Terry Richardson, the colorful David Lachapelle, Patrick Demarchelier or the celebrities' lover and the always classic Annie Leibovitz. Everyone has a special place in my heart.

Photography together with music are my favourites when it comes to art.

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